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Expansion Vessel

Expansion Vessel

Expaion Vessel can adjust the expaion and contraction of liquid in the solar circulation system. The expaion Vessel is usedfor the circul... [Read more]
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Expansion Vessel can adjust the expansion and contraction of liquid in the solar circulation system. The expansion Vessel is used for the circulation of indirect solar system.The membrane pressure expansion vessel ensures that the system pressure does not exceed or go under the limits established in the planning phase. The membrane divides the space inside the vessel occupied by the gas and by the solar liquid.
Adopt the expansion vessel to avoid the liquid from refilling, after the system being operated under extreme conditions, or never being operated for a long time. By using it,  the system does not need release liquid through T/P valve to ensure safety working pressure.  

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  • General

    The expansion vessel recharges pressure before leaving the factory.The height difference between collectors and water tank should be within 10 meters. If beyond this distance, the recharge pressure will be revised accordingly.

    HaiLin solar thermal system adopts diaphragm-type expansion vessel. 

    And it can buffer the pressure in the pipeline. The usage of expansion vessel is according to the local weather condition. 

    200L solar thermal system requires 12L expansion vessel

    270L solar thermal system requires 12L expansion vessel
    340L solar thermal system requires 18L expansion vessel
    450L solar thermal system requires 18L expansion vessel

    For expansion tank installation, the hereunder rules must be followed:
    --the sizing and installation of the tank must be carried out by authorized technicians
    --the system where the expansion tank is connected must have a safety valve so that the pressure does not pass the 
       maximum working pressure of the tank
    --To avoid stray current corrosion, it is necessary that the system is grounded in a correct manner

  • Features
    ● High temperature butyl rubber diaphragm 
    ● High expansion capacity factor
    ● Patented stainless steel connection elbow
    ● Double-layer polyurethane
    ● O shaped seal valve cap without leakage
    ● Totally testing
    ● No maintenance
  • Technical Data Sheet