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HA309 Electrical Heating Thermostat

HA309 Electrical Heating Thermostat

HA309 thermostat is to control floor heating, automatically switchesthe system on to eure a comfortable floor temperature. It calculateswhe [Read more]
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HA309 thermostat is to control floor heating, automatically switches the system on to ensure a comfortable floor temperature. It calculates when the heating is to be switched on to obtain the right temperature.

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  • Features
    ◆Switches on your heating system at predetermined times on different days of the work
    ◆Comes with a preprogrammed schedule that is suitable for most installations. However, you can customize this program any time you wish.
    ◆Allows you to reset the thermostat to factory settings
    ◆Changes the start time of a heating period automatically so that the desired temperature is reached at thetime that you set.
    ◆Controls the temperature of the floor through a temperature sensor that is placed in the floor construction.

  • Functions
    ◆°F / ℃ selectable indicator
    ◆12/24 hours clock
    ◆Low temperature protection on/off
    ◆Room and floor temperature calibration
    ◆5+2/ 6+1/ 7 days, 4 periods per day
    ◆Dead band setting
    ◆Power failure memory
  • Specifications
    ◆Sensing element: NTC
    ◆Set-point range: (Adjustable upper/lower limit)
    Inside sensor:5-35℃[41-95℉]
    Outside sensor:5-45℃[41-113℉]
    Only outside sensor:0-90℃[32-194℉]
    ◆Operating Temperature: 0-45℃[32-113℉]
    ◆Operating Humidity: 5-95%RH ( non-condensing )
    ◆Button: Silicone Rubber Keypad
    ◆Power supply: AC85-260V,50/60Hz
    ◆Power Consumption: <3W
    ◆Wirings: Wiring1×4 mm2wires
    ◆Switch current rating: 16 A(Resistive)
    ◆Housing: PC+ABS Flame Retardant
    ◆Dimensions: 75×122.5×26.5mm(W×H×D)
    ◆Hole pitch / Mounting: 83.5 mm(standard)/Embeded
    ◆Protection Class:IP30