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T34Thermostatic Radiator Control Valve

T34Thermostatic Radiator Control Valve

T34-V49seriesthermostaticradiatorvalvesarethecombinatioofthermostatandvalvesbodywhichareexteivelyapplicabletocontroltheroomtempe... [Read more]
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T34-V49  series thermostatic radiator valves are the combinations of thermostat and valves body which are extensively applicable to control the room temperature. User sets a required temperatureby the knob of thermostatic radiator controller actuator through the expasion sensor element manually.

The series products pass Europe BSEN215 speciality curve test standard, speciality curve brings up automatically by equipment, no human complication.

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  • Part No.

  • Specifications

    Setpoint: 728

    Material: Fireproof ABS engineering plastic

    Valve body: Brass HPb59-1 plating with nickel

    Stoke material: Stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9

    Body pressure: 1.0Mpa

    Max pressure difference0.11 Mpa

    Medium: Water

    Maximum fluid temperature :0110

    Working life: above 100 thousands times
  • Instruction

    1. Temperature Setting

    T34 has wide range of set temperature; you can select any temperature you need. The graduations

    on the housing of the controller indicate different temperature set points, following is the corresponding

    figure of the room temperature and graduation for reference:

    T34-V49 series thermostatic radiator valves is easy to operate. For example, if you want to keep the room temperature at about

    20°C,  you just need to set scale to "3", the controller will modulate the temperature automatically.       

    2. Night Setting

    In order to improve the comfort and energy saving at night or no people staying in the room, the temperature should be set lower.

    3. Ventilation

    In winter, if the room requires ventilation for a long time, the controller should be set to the lowest position“ ※  to save energy.

    4. Anti-freezing protection

    If there is no people in the room for a long time, the controller should be set to the lowest position    to keep the room

    temperature around 7 and prevent from freezing.

    5. Cleanness

    The controller should be kept ventilated so as to insure accurately modulation. Please use soft duster cloth to clean the housing;

     organic liquid is forbidden.

  • Dimensions(mm)