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A3973 Wireless Thermostat

A3973 Wireless Thermostat

The A3973 wireless set used to control the water heating system withFOUR branches of manifolds and electric heating system in industrial,com... [Read more]
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The A3973 wireless set used to control the water heating system with FOUR branches of manifolds and electric heating system in industrial, commercial and residential environments.
The A3973 wireless thermostat allows homeowners to automate their home’s temperature controls through the use of bi-directional controls. Attractive, ultra-slim, ultra-modern styling.
A3973 wireless thermostat consists of an A3973 sender thermostat and a wireless A3973 controller. Through wireless data communication between thermostat and controller, with controlling signal and code sent, received and executed we can realize temperature control on personal requirement.

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  • Features
    ◆Communicates at 433 MHz for stand-alone interface
    ◆Transmits up to Beeline distance 200ft(60m) in the field (The distance will shorten if through walls and floors)
    ◆7days programmable, 4 events per day
    ◆Backlit display (automatically turns off after 8 seconds of non-use)
    ◆Fahrenheit / Centigrade
    ◆Rechargeable Li-battery by USB port(recharge cable included)
    ◆85~260VAC power supplied Controller
    ◆Easy Installation
  • Functions
    ◆Comfortable/Economy setting
    ◆Heat- OFF mode
    ◆Temporary manual override
    ◆keyboard lockout
  • Specifications
    ◆Programmability Day/5+2 programmable
    ◆Power method: Rechargeable Li-Battery
    ◆Thermostat Dimensions (mm):135 X 95 X 15.5 mm (W X H X D)
    ◆Controller Dimensions(mm): 116 X 98 X 45 mm (W X H X D)
    ◆Setting temperature range: 45°F to 95°F (7℃ to 35℃)
    ◆Differential Temperature: ±1°F(±1℃)
    ◆Temperature range: 30°F to 99°F (0℃ to 37℃)
    ◆Thermostat Color: white
    ◆Temperature Sensor: NTC Thermistor
    ◆Transmitter Frequency: 433MHz
    ◆Operation Humidity Range:5~95%RH(non-condensing)
    ◆Controller Voltage: 85~260Vac
    ◆Controller Power Frequency: 50/60Hz
    ◆Mounting: Surface mounting