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The Secretary of Beijing Municipal Committee Jinlong Guo and the Mayor Anshun Wang visited Hailin.

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The Secretary and Mayor mainly visited the products exhibition room. They shows the biggest interesting and communicate on Hailin Thermostats, AC control system,  Heating and Billing Control system, Solar water heating system and green building integrated solution. 

Secretary Jinlong Guo was very interested in the Solar water heating system and gave high prize. He suggested promote it to the market fastly.


Mayor Anshun Wang was surprised with Hailin new Solar technology which is used in the building.

When they visited Hailin Heating billing system and temperature control solution, the Secretary Jinlong Guo commented the heating billing reform is a basic people life project. Hailin is using the advanced, intelligent building energy saving technology to develop this project. It solved the high power consumption problem. He adviced reasonably to use power. It is worthy to be supported and encouraged for the company such like Hailin having the technic innovation and brilliant contribution.

Secretary Jinlong Guo and Mayor Anshun Wang visited the Hailin office building.

At last, Secretary Jinlong Guo discussed with Haiqing Li about the way of forward on energy saving. With the greatest effort to Focus on Build Beautiful China


Following: Vice Mayor Zhongwen Gou, Gang Chen, Secretary-General of Beijing Fengtong Zhao and other government leaders.

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