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Originality made | Hailin enjoy such tolerance and sharing

HaiLin Energy Technologylnc.[edit] 2017-04-20 17:06:14
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The annual CRH which is "international refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, ventilation and frozen food processing exhibition" in Shanghai New International Expo Center perfect ending. More than 1 thousand companies from more than and 30 countries and regions in the world and institutions to participate in this show, with" originality made - - inclusive - sharing "the theme, sharing the industry innovation, changing and achievement.


  As leader of thermostat manufacturer, Hailin always brings surprises and expectations for the industry. This exhibition is the new "thermostat experience" is no longer just a prototype model, people touch, but the product with the "temperature", " life". Not only product features, but also more interactive experience.


  A comprehensive upgrade of Hailin,  WTS wireless network controller monitoring system is to let people find everything fresh and new. Through the wireless network and cloud service platform,Hailin WTS wireless network controller monitoring system centralizes management and real-time monitoring of network building temperature control, centralizes setting and adjustment of the indoor environment temperature, to get comfort and energy saving the purpose of personal users via mobile terminals. The PC terminal and mobile terminal with the form of realization of wireless network, controller centralizes monitoring and differentiated management. This is another collision and human intelligence, is both organic Combined with another attempt.


  Hailin people use the most reasonable and high quality product ", to show the temperature experts work to the world attention, professional and attentive. It is based on the system of the focus and professional, innovation launched smart balance valve, not only can the preset parameters but also can be mobile phone remote control, the body itself has the function of dynamic equilibrium. No other branch. Using Mobile phone software to remote debugging, real-time monitoring, accurate control, and it improves the large building hydraulic balance problems totally, ensure the efficient operation of the construction of pipe network system and provide the necessary conditions in advance for building energy conservation.


  Hailin has important application in the design of products, heavy details of the artisan spirit, life will be integrated into the product design, with innovative products and the ultimate experience of delivering value to customers. "Luna" the Internet thermostat, reasonable structure, easy installation, operation simple, professional installation to become popular in the smart home design.


  Hailin shares the building energy monitoring and control system which is applied in the office of the national ministries building work; solar thermal technology whcih provides hot water heating with auxiliary application for city construction.


  This exhibition is not only the same industry, technological innovation, technology sharing,but also is the industry culture, technology communication. In three days of the exhibition, not only have professional and technical personnel from home and abroad, the exchange of learning, there are also related enterprises to discuss cooperation, and more attention with the new and old customers .Hailin shows technology, products, achievements; the harvest is the support the driving force and the future.

 Hailin  concept : Let the world feel the temperature of science and technology,  intelligent, comfortable, healthy, safe are our pursuit.



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